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Amazon: Action Steps to Protest

Angela Adair-Hoy, co-owner of Booklocker, has posted a number of links on her Writers Weekly blog, including an online petition as well as contacts for Amazon execs. If you want to register your protest about the demand to only print

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Amazon's Stupid Anti-Competitive Move

Amazon wants to force publishers to use its wholly-owned printer, yesterday’s Wall Street Journal reports. If it thinks this is a good idea, needs its collective head examined. I think it’s one of the dumbest moves I’ve heard of

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HuffPo: Time to Re-regulate Business

Writing in Huffington Post, Hale “Bonddad” Stewart makes a compelling case that business practices need immediate attention–NOW. From contaminated meat to toxic toys, Stewart attacks multiple industries. And the subprime mortgage crisis, he says, could have been avoided easily if

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Brief, Wonderful Article on Using Emotion in Copywrting

Specifically, the emotion of empathy. I’ve been urging my clients for years to do what they can to be seen as the caring humans they are, and not some faceless corporate monstrosity/bureaucracy. Chris Haddad gives some very powerful examples, including

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Obama, Wright, and The Hypocrisy Parade

A lot of people have been dumping on Obama’s former pastor, Jeremiah Wright, for his remarks about 9-11, his endorsement of Louis Farrakhan, and various other things. Obama has consistently publicly and thoroughly distanced himself from Wright’s positions–a clear repudiation

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Transparency: David Patterson's Smart Move

David Patterson, New York’s new governor will never need to stand, ashen-faced, and admit that he cheated on his wife–as his predecessor, Elliot Spitzer did. Why? Because, knowing that skeleton was in his closet, Patterson pre-empted it with an act

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Black-Hat Sploggers Leave a Bad Taste

The other day, I got invited to help promote an Internet marketing report. Since I don’t endorse anything I haven’t seen (unless I make it very clear that it’s a favor to a friend, etc., and I haven’t personally evaluated),

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Some Debates Have Only One Side: Martin Samuels in the London Times

I love this article! Starting with the debate on whether, after five years, the Iraq debacle can be called a success or failure he goes on to explore other arguments that really only have one side, such as did Gandhi

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Victory for the People–And Common Sense

We celebrate a huge victory against special interests this week in my town of Hadley, Massachusetts: a retail development that was waaaay out of scale for the town, and would be illegal under current zoning, has been withdrawn. Let me

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House Passes Ethics Office Legislation

Well, what’ya know–Nancy Pelosi actually showed some leadership and got the House to pass a somewhat weak measure establishing a special office of ethics, as many states have had for years. And against strenuous opposition (WHO are these people?) from

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