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Republicans *Finally* Denounce Racist Anti-Obama Strategies

GOP now says using “Barack HUSSEIN Obama” is a “distraction” and should be stopped. Took them long enough! I noted that this racist tactic was backfiring back on January 30. Good morning, GOP. It’s nice to know that 145 years

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The Real, Scandal-Ridden McCain–Mainstream Media, Wake Up!

Whole bunch of links in the Citizens for Legitimate Government e-bulletins this week, all pointing to different aspects of the real, not-in-the-spotlight John McCain. And it’s not a pretty picture, especially since this is the “straight shooter” who claims to

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Ethnic Fashions and the Presidential Race

I’ve already commented about the smear campaign of right-wing blabbermouths like Ann Coulter emphasizing Barack Obama’s middle name. Now he’s been shown wearing the robes and turban of a Kenyan tribesman, on a visit there. Once again, the subtext is

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Faked Chinese Photo: Propaganda or Personal?

This is a doozy, from China. The photographer of an award-winning photo that advanced the Chinese government’s aims and allayed fears of environmentalists who had protested a high-speed China-Tibet rail link has admitted faking his widely published photo of a

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Democrats File FEC Complaint: Possible McCain Campaign Finance Violation

Straight from the horse’s mouth: “The crucial issue here is John McCain’s integrity. John McCain poses as a reformer but seems to think reforms apply to everyone but him,” said Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean. “He used taxpayer money

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"Straight Shooter" McCain's Crooked Path

To me, the biggest news of the highly critical New York Times story on John McCain is that a man whose entire campaign for the presidency is based on being “Mr. Straight Shooter” is caught in an obvious, blatant, easy-to-check,

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Why Hillary Is Losing: Huffington Post

Hillary’s slide started long before the Iowa caucuses. With a record of not just support but cheerleading for the Iraq war, support for the Patriot Act, and even some enthusiasm about the possibility of spreading the war cancer into Iran–Hillary does not inspire support, let alone warm fuzzy feelings, among progressives.

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Will the US Mass-Roundup Dissidents? SF Chronicle Says It Could Happen

For many months, I’ve seen articles in alternative media sources about the construction of large detention camps, even about boxcars outfitted with shackles for transporting prisoners. And my response has always been that I want to see coverage in mainstream

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If You Want My Endorsement…Let Me See the Product

I value my reputation and I’m not in the habit of sharing e-mails of my friends with strangers who send bulk mail. Had the only way to get the report been to fill in e-mails, I’d have either given phony names or bailed out. Maybe this is one of the factors contributing to the growth of social media at the expense of e-mail.

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Government-Corporate Nuclear Chicanery in Canada

Lest you think collusion between corrupt government and dubious business interests happens only in the US–read this article on the firing of Linda Keen, until recently the head of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission. Keen was fired for having the

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