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Racists in America Increasingly Nasty Around Obama

It was written by the publisher of the paper, so don’t expect any firings. But a nice boycott might be in order. And wouldn’t it be nice if the publisher saw fit to enroll in a course on civil rights, ethics, or both?

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Saddam, Bin Laden, and Climate Censorship

These two stories share a pattern: a White House administration that sees truth as an inconvenient obstacle, but one it can easily climb over.

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How Many Times Does Bush Lie? 259 on Iraq Alone, in Two Years

That study documents 935 false statements by the Bush administration just about Iraq, counting only the two years beginning 9/11/01. 259 of these lies were straight from the lips of George W. Bush. That means Bush lied about Iraq (either about WMDs or the imaginary Al Qaida connection) once every 2.8 days–and his administration lied more than once a day.

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Why Are They Calling These Nonviolent Revolutionaries Imperialists?

speak from personal experience that these are people of very high integrity.

So I was a bit shocked to get an e-mail from Stephen calling attention to criticism he and Gene Sharp (author of the definitive analysis of nonviolent social change, The Politics of Nonviolent Action), and others. Apparently, they are being targeted by certain elements of the left who sees them as tools of imperialism

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Kucinich Drops His Presidential Bid

Facing a tough race for his own seat in Congress, Dennis Kucinich is ending his presidential campaign. This is very unfortunate. I heard Kucinich speak during the 2004 campaign, happily voted for him in the primary, and was appalled to

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Amazing! An Airport Bookstore with Great-Sounding Books!

Maybe there’s hope for our society. I stopped into Simply Books in the C concourse of Atlanta’s massive Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, not expecting much. After all, most airport bookstores, and even a lot of chain-owned downtown and mall stores lately,

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Wow! I Made the Enemies List!

When Richard Nixon’s secret list of “enemies” (very broadly defined) became public knowledge, I was much too young and unimportant to be included–and I confess I was a bit jealous of some of my older friends who made the list.

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Is Bill Gates More Moral Than Mother Teresa?

This insight, about 90% through the article, is simply brilliant. I’ve seen it in action many times, but never so clearly expressed, except perhaps by legendary community organizer Saul Alinsky. It’s a principle that every agent of social change should internalize.

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Greenwashing Increases the Corporate Credibility Gap

Thoughtful article by Mallen Baker in the UK publication Ethical Corporation, discussing a number of specific companies who’ve been called on the carpet for greenwashing: claiming to be more ecological than they really are. As one among many examples: Shell,

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Colorado Mainstream Journos Try to Block Alt Reporters from State House

Seems to be a day for absurdist stories. First the FBI phone tapping gets shut off for nonpayment, and now this: some print journalists in Colorado want to keep “political activists posing as journalists” out of the legislature. and they’ve

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