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Solopreneurs Can do Web 2.0 Better than Big Corporations

one of the key advantages for solopreneurs/very small companies is our ability to use social networking much more effectively than big corporations. This has been true all the way back to BBS systems in the 1980s.

We can be nimble, we don’t need committees to approve our posts, and we can be authentic. And this is one medium where dollars don’t mean as much as quality.

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Ben Silverman: How NOT to do PR

Talk about a clueless company! First its PR department issues wrong information. Then when journalists pick up the story and cast the company in a negative light, they demand retractions saying the story was based on erroneous information–but not bothering

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BenMack's Amazing 'Poker Without Cards'

Advertising maven Ben Mack’s Poker Without Cards goes deeper into the human psyche than even the very provocative Daniel Quinn, and with the same kind of unexpected mind twists.

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Mendelsohn, the Fixer: Another UK Government Ethics Scandal

While others are shocked, investigate reporter Greg Palast is not surprised that Jon Mendelsohn, chief fundraiser for Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s Labour Party, is involved with a big scandal. Nine years ago, Palast secretly recorded Mendelsohn–thinking he was taling to

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Can an 'Empty Calories' Ad Actually Work?

Well, maybe he knows something I don’t. I wasn’t moved to leave my name of the squeeze page at the end, but if that copy in the e-mail blast is to believed, better than 4 out of 5 visitors do leave their names.

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Mark Joyner's Viral Experiment: Blogging Courseware

Mark Joyner has deservedly enjoyed a reputation as one of the online world’s most creative and successful marketers, going back many years. He and I have become Internet friends after he bought a copy of Principled Profit: Marketing That Puts

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For Sale: Congressional Medal of Honor-What Next?

Ken MacArthur reports that he was offered a Congressional Medal of Honor in a robot-telemarketing call by the office of Congressman Tom Cole, R-Oklahoma. He was quite rightly sickened by the for-a-fee pitch, as the Congressional Medal of Honor is

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The Mafia's Code of Ethics

Chris MacDonald’s Business Ethics Blog has a very amusing article on the Mafia’s Code of Ethics, in which he extracts business success principles from the until-recently-secretMafia’s 10 Commandments. As one example: #3. Never be seen with cops.” (i.e., avoid even

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Sony's Paint-Fireworks Commercial: Marketing Lessons

Watch the stunning commercial Sony made showing fireworks made of paint instead of the usual substances. Then watch the behind-the-scenes story of the making of this commercial. As a marketer, what conclusions can you draw? Here are a few of

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Hillary Clinton would be a Disaster for the Democrats

Who will the Democrats nominate? Let’s hope it’s not Hillary. There are thousands and thousands of people in the “democratic wing of the Democratic Party” working to nominate somebody who more closely represents the progressive viewpoint. Hillary has made it

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