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A New Discovery…And a Web 2.0 Moment

What especially interests me is the way I found him. I participate fairly passively on several Web 2.0 social networking sites. This morning, I logged onto Plaxo and found that someone in one of my groups had posted a link

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One Democrat Who Understands How to be On Message

A Democratic Congressional staffer wrote a piercing and widely circulated memo showing that the Republicans know how to frame things, while the Dems gather ’round the policy-wonk water cooler and talk to themselves in dull messages.

This of course is nothing new. Back in the ’90’s, Newt Gingrich unleashed the “Contract With America” (which many progressives quickly dubbed “Contract On America”, as indeed, it turned out to be).

The last really powerful Dem to be able to sound-bite a key message so it becomes a rallying cry was probably Lyndon Johnson, with his Great Society, War on Poverty, etc.

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Score: Homeland Security, 1; Organic Herbs, 0

A friend of my daughter’s was planning to visit her at college over Thanksgiving weekend, and we took advantage of this to courier a large book. While we were at it, and since my daughter was planning to cook a

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On Being Wrong and Admitting It

Yesterday, I thought I’d invented the word “jargonaut.” Then I found out it already existed. And in today’s world, there’s no excuse for my not checking. It was, after all, a pretty obvious coinage, and William Safire used it 27

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Wonderfully Scathing Attack on "Jargonauts"

Jargonaut: noun: someone who expresses him or herself in meaningless babble. Word invented by Shel Horowitz (that’s me) as I commented on Drayton Bird’s Bird Droppings blog.

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Disclosure and Objectivity on IAOC Blog

Finished out my week as a Guest Blogger for the International Association of Online Communicators with another look at the Blogger’s Code of Ethics, specifically the part about disclosure, differentiation. Also a pleasant a ramble through the question of whether

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They Can't Claim Innocence: Cheney on Iraq, 1992

Astounding! In a speech made in 1992, Dick Cheney, then Secretary of Defense under the first George Bush, outlined all the reasons why a ground war in Iraq to force out Saddam would be a really dumb idea. Sadly, all

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Self-Policing Vs. Regulation, and the Free Speech Bridge Controversy

insults hurled at members of the U.S. championship women’s bridge team, who have been accused by other bridge players of treason and sedition for holding a sign at the awards ceremony in Shanghai, declaring that they did not vote for Bush.

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2nd Post on IAOC Blog: Do No harm

Continuing the discussion of the Blogger’s Code of Ethics: an examination of what it means to minimize harm to the people you write about.

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Latest issue of Ethical Corporation magazine

Bunch of interesting stuff in the latest issue of the British publication Ethical Corporation, all available online. Among the goodies: A rather jaundiced view of Apple’s treatment of its customers and the Steve Jobs mystique–also referred to as the “reality

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