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FEMA's Fake Press Conference–Even the White House Condemned It

This would be funny if it weren’t so stupid. The Federal Emergency Management Agency, better known as FEMA, apparently didn’t want to take the chance of facing hard questions about the California fires as they did when they completely messed

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Two Slices of the Mortgage Scandal

Two news stories from earlier this month: First, the CEO of Countrywide Bank is accused by the state of North Carolina of dumping stock shortly before the company’s poor performance became widely known. What he did was amend his automatic

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Searingly accurate cartoon comparing Repubs & Dems

The Village Voice ran a cartoon that strikes me as a searingly accurate comment on the state of Democrats and Republicans in the US right now. It shows the GOP for the vicious manipulators and the Democrats for the spineless

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Has Ann Coulter Stepped Over the Line?

I have always found Ann Coulter’s blend of racism, homophobia, and general bitchiness extremely distasteful. Proof, if you will (along with Bill O’Reilly), that good looks and brains are not enough; a certain degree of compassion is necessary as well.

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Another Wal-Mart Scandal: Property Taxes

Yes, Wal-Mart is the company I love to hate. Yes, even I said marvelous things about W-M in the aftermath of Katrina, and I respect that it has taken a leadership role on organic food and green energy–though not necessarily

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Who Killed E-Mail? Meet The Inventors of Spam

I was absolutely shocked to see a reference to a book by the infamous Canter & Siegel in one of the publishing discussion lists I participate in. This is the response I sent: Are they still around? I find their

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Mr. "Legal Lynching" (Justice Clarence Thomas) is At It Again

Forgive me if I can’t work up too much sympathy for Justice Clarence Thomas. I didn’t find him credible during his confirmation hearings with his “poor, pitiful me” bit, and I don’t find him credible now, as I read about

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