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Andy Sernovitz's Word-Of-Mouth marketing Manifesto

As found in John Kremer’s newsletter from earlier this summer. This is in very close alignment with the principles I discuss at length in Principled Profit: Marketing That Puts People First. All of it rings true, and I particularly like

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Fabulous Article By Vaclav Havel: Moral Imperative of Climate Change

Playwright and former Czech President Vaclav Havel has a fabulous op-ed in the New York Times on addressing climate change as a moral and ethical imperative. He calls for each of us to take personal responsibility, makes the analogy that

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Van Ostrand: Washington's 22 Most Corrupt Politicians

Columnist Maggie Van Ostrand usually writes humor–good humor. I often send her columns to my humor list. This week she showed a much more serious side: a penetrating column on political corruption, jumping off from the Citizens for Responsibility and

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Proportional Representation: Why I Disagree with Gov. Howard Dean

I may make some enemies among my liberal friends for this one. This is most of an e-mail I got from the Democratic party yesterday, with the subject, “They’re Already Trying to Steal the White House: Dear Shel, If you

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The Final Word from Xing–And It's Good!

One day after Xing’s And this is exactly what I was hoping for. Now I can post away, knowing that I have a paper trail showing the integrity of my rights ownership. Bravo! And hmmm, maybe they’ll reword it to

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Great Article on Using Metaphor

Master copywriter Gary Bencivenga is always worth reading. I particularly liked his latest, on how to persuade with metaphor. The example of his own lawyer intervening on Gary’s real estate deal with “You want to sell Gary and Pauline a

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Xing's Response

Wow, they’re fast! Points for customer service, for sure. Less than an hour after I posted my query. But the response was ambiguous, if polite: Thanks for your message. We appreciate your thoughtful insight into our Terms & Conditions and

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A Xinger from Xing: I'll Keep My Copyrights, Thanks Just the Same

I got an invitation to join a social network called Xing. It’s a business-oriented group based in Germany. It looked promising, so I started the sign up process. Got all the way down to agreeing to the terms of service.

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Naomi Wolf: No-Fly List as a Weapon Against Dissent

Journalist and political analyst Naomi Wolf, a trenchant critic of the bush Administration’s attack on civil liberties, has shown up with four Ss on her airplane boarding passes since 2002. Which means delays, searches, and a whole lot of annoyance,

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DOD, DHS Flunk Audit AGAIN!

It’s been ten years since they were ordered to comply with basic accounting practices–and still, neither the Department of Defense nor the Department of Homeland Security–two of my least favorite government entities, as it turns out–can come close to passing

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