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US Punishes Iraq Corruption Whistleblowers–Shameful!

No matter what your position on the Iraq war, I thought we could all agree that… It’s a good idea to keep weapons out of the hands of insurgents Fraud and corruption that costs taxpayers millions of dollars should be

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Wikipedia Scanner Reveals Sculduggery

Knowing that any entry in a Wiki can be changed by any reader, I’ve always been a bit suspicious of what I read on Wikipedia. Still, I find that Google often points me to Wikipedia articles, and most of the

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Bob Luitweiler: An Extraordinary Life

I’ve had the good fortune to meet many people over the years who’ve truly made a difference in the world. I met another one today, in a nursing home in Bellingham, Washington. Bob Luitweiler is 87 and ill with cancer–but

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Cruise Ships and the Environment

Cruise for Free as a Speaker/Entertainer Go get your free report at For my wife’s 50th birthday, her parents sent us on a cruise through Alaska’s Inside Passage–a magnificent trip. But it got me thinking–surely there are more eco-friendly

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