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Biofuels and Carbon Credits: Wrong Approaches

The more I learn about biodiesel, the less convinced I am that it is anything more than a temporary feel-good “solution” with problems of its own. Keep in mind that oil and coal are biofuels: when we burn them, we

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Off to New York for Book Expo America

This blog may be pretty quiet for the next several days, unless I get a chance to post from the show–but with all the appointments I have, I doubt I’ll have time. One of the interviews I’ve got scheduled is

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Read It And Weep: Bush's 2000 Campaign Promises

Progressive Democrats of America recently sent this e-mail quoting the Republican platform of 2000. It doesn’t take much to see that the Bush government has exponentially expanded every one of the claimed Clinton-era abuses, and added several of its own.

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Yes, the Thought Police are After Librarians Again

One of my consistent favorite sources for stories everyone should know about but which get little or no play in the mainstream US media is a skinny little print newsletter called The Washington Spectator. Just four pages per issue, but

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Not Your Grandfather's AARP

OK, so in December, I turned 50–and since I love discounts, of course I sent in my $7.50 to join the AARP (used to stand for American Association of Retired persons, I believe). Well, I was looking at the organization’s

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Help ensure Broadband for the Rest of Us–It's Good for Business sent out this alert yesterday Imagine having a fast connection to an open Internet wherever you go, without needing a telephone wire or cable modem. The FCC could make this happen. Instead they’re on the verge of turning over

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Democrats Sold Us Down the River–Again!

They say the definition of insanity is doing th same thing over and over and expecting different results–like Pelosi and Reid crawling back to Bush with a toothless, no-timeline funding bill on the iraq debacle. Not that the first bill

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It's Not that I Don't Love You–But I Couldn't Get In

Can’t tell you how many times I wanted to post in the last two weeks–but a server switch left me locked out of my own blog! And I’m still discovering pieces of code that don’t work anymore on my various

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Paul Hawken: Two Million Little Change Orgs

The well-known sustainable business guru Paul Hawken recently wrote that the presence of a decentralized and not-even-connected movement for environmental is not only a powerful force for change, but one for which there’s no precedent. Hawken actually tried to quantify

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Joe Vitale on Self-Healing and False Diagnosis

Marketing legend Joe Vitale is one of the big boosters of the “think it and manifest it” school (often called “The law of Attraction”), much-publicized in the movie “The Secret,” among other places. Joe is, in fact, one of the

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