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Fitrakis/Wasserman: Are Rove's Missing E-Mails the Smoking Gun of the Stolen 2004 Election?

This article crossed my desk last night, from Harvey Wasserman and Bob Fitrakis–long-time crusaders in the quest for truth about what really happened in Ohio on Electin Night, 2004. It doesn’t seem to be on the Web yet so I’m

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Free BBC Reporter Alan Johnston

Kidnapped in Gaza. They’ve got a petition campaign and also this button: No journalist should ever be kidnapped (nor anyone else, for that matter)–yet more and more of them face horrifying situations.

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Forced Psych Disorder Discharges: Is THIS How the Military "Support Our Troops"? For Shame!

I don’t shock easily–but I am deeply shocked. I m outraged. I’m enraged. I’m bloody furious! We hear all the time from the Bill O’Reillys, Ann Coulters and Rush Limbaughs of the country that any criticism of the Iraq “mission”

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$400 Haircuts: A Shopping Lesson for John Edwards

Hey, Senator Edwards, if you think a haircut should cost $400, I’d be glad to give you some shopping lessons. After all, I’ve written books and operated websites on frugality for years. I’ll even give you a copy of my

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Earth to McConnell and Lieberman: Telling the Truth is NOT Dissing the Troops

The insidious right-wing attack on the patriotism of anyone who questions this illegal, immoral, and incompetent war continues–and we on the left have the obligation to call the scoundrels on it. Last time I read the Constitution, that very freedom to dissent was a big part of what set the United States apart from other more repressive governments in the 18th century.

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Fedco Seeds Takes Moral High Ground Against Monsanto

Fedco, a cooperatively owned seed company–founded in Maine back in 1978 and specializing in serving organic growers–found itself facing an ethical dilemma when Monsanto, a company known for its experiments in genetic engineering and aggressive filing of intellectual property claims

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Reframing HuffPost's Terrible Advice to the Democrats

Doug Schoen writes in the usually sensible Huffington Post that the Democrats should roll over, as usual, and give GWB the blank check he’s looking for in Iraq: no limits on dollars or on deployment. I think this an extremely

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Is this Absurd? $1.25 Million for the Bio of a Library Cat?

But seriously, isn’t a book about how we got into the Iraq mess and are heading for trouble in Iran (not the subject of my book but of several recent ones) worth more attention than a book abut a cat? Or for that matter, the sordid and tawdry life of Anna Nicole Smith?

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Got My First Press Release as a Blogger

Oh, and what else would I have put on the card?

My two or three most recent book titles (Principled Profit: Marketing That Puts People First, Grassroots Marketing for Authors and Publishersand Grassroots Marketing: Getting Noticed in a Noisy World) as well as more of my nine URLs.

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Intersting Argument for Eliminating Copy Protection

Samplers typically get a
free product, and if they like it, pay for others when cash is

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