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The Secret Life of GWB, Closet Environmentalist?

In the ‘who would’ve thunk it’ department. George W. Bush’s Crawford ranch turns out to be a model of environmental sustainability. And the surprisingly modest structure was built since he bought the property. I must say I was pleasantly shocked

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Gonzales Lies, Bush Threatens

Meanwhile, the sleepy little House of Representatives shook a few fleas of its fur, stretched and yawned, and voted only to continue funding the war if the distant August 31, 2008 timetable for withdrawal is included.

Definitely a case of way too little, way too late–but even this faint stirring of opposition is enough to unleash a particularly vitriolic outburst

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ISO Developing Social Responsibility Standard

Who knew? The International Standards Organization (ISO), known for standards in things like global manufacturing (remember the rush for ISO-9000 compliance?) is working on a standard for social responsibility. Pretty exciting! If you’d like to get involved, my correspondent Gerard

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Rove, Others Directly Implicated in Prosecutor Firing Scandal

I’ve been following the scandal about politically motivated firings of highly competent US Attorneys for a while now (see this blog entry I wrote last month). Some disturbing new developments: First, Kevin Johnson in USA Today reports more details on

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Most entertaining book review I've seen in a long while

Guy Kawasaki reviews Founders at Work: Stories of Startups’ Early Days–and quotes some wonderful anecdotes from some of the biiig tech startups (Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.) What a hoot–even if he can’t spell “chutzpah” (he thinks it’s “hootspah”) As an early

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Money vs. Mission: Cool Article on VentureBeat Blog

Sunil Paul has a great blog entry about how he chose to get involved with environmental technology companies first and foremost to help “green” the world, and only secondarily to make profit. The profits, of course, followed. My favorite paragraph:

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Scooter Libby: Guilty Verdict

It was tax evasion that sent Al Capone to jail…it was lying about Watergate that tossed Richard Nixon out of office…and it is the Valerie Plame affair that has finally resulted in the first guilty verdict against a high-level Bush

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Is There a Need for The Domain Finder?

Several months ago, I introduced a new service just to find domains for people–something I’ve done a number of times in the course of the ongoing marketing consulting and copywriting work I do for my clients. I set up a

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