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Social Stands are Good for Investment

Those are remarkable statistics. Over 2/3 use social responsibility as an investment screen, and over 3/4 as a factor in making a purchase.

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An Open Letter to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid

The Democrats have been given a window to make real change. I’m writing to ask that we not squander it. It is time for meaningful change on order of FDR’s First 100 Days–before the window slams shut and the American people once again have the sad image of a spineless do-nothing Congress, only this time with the Democrats in charge.

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Blog Ethics Standards from WOMMA

The Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) has in the last couple of months taken several steps to build ethics consciousness among its members. This, of course, is something I applaud. It’s quite necessary, as word-of-mouth marketers include those who

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A Play for Our Time?

As it happens, tonight is the final run of a play that I’m in, about the courage of one Christian scholar, Johannes Reuchlin, who defends Jewish holy books from the German Catholic church’s attempt–with the aid of a converted former

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Parking Becomes a Liability in Urban Planning

As a New York city native who used to draw my proposed extensions to the subway system in my spare time, I’ve always been a strong advocate of public transit (and of bicycle commuting), and one of my only regrets about moving to our wonderful house in the country is that a car is essential to get anywhere.

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More Election Irregularities–on Both Sides

Watch this space. I will be contacting voting rights experts to help draft legislation, and then asking them to help contact mass-advocacy groups such as MoveOn and yes, its conservative counterpart RightMarch to create a massive bipartisan push for fair elections.

The goal: Passed in 2007 and implemented in time for the 2008 elections.

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What the Vote Means

Now, it’s up to the Democrats to actually put forth an agenda of peace, ethics, elections that can be trusted, competence, and positive focus. We will be watching!

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Corrupt Election Practices Continue to Put U.S. Democracy at Risk

An Election Day message…Democracy: an idea whose time has come…in the U.S., too.

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Good Article on Ethical Non-Sweatshop Clothing

From the Christian Science Monitor, regarding Lesotho’s once-moribund, now resurgent clothing industry, and how it shifted toward ethically clean clothing: But at the same time, an alliance of companies, NGOs, government representatives, and others were trying to find ways to

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