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NBC Won't Air Dixie Chicks Add

Earth to NBC: It is NOT the job of the media to sanitize controversy. It is, in fact, the job of the media to investigate the news and report it, even if that means exposing a government buried in corruption, lies, and power grabs.

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Robin Williams in "Man of the Year" — Go See It!

Just saw this movie today. Not only is Williams brilliant as the comedian running for President–and dealing with the ethical dilemma of his life–but the movie makes wonderful points about vulnerability of electronic voting machines, ruthlessness of certain corporations, politicians

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Andy Bourland Understands–Competitors are Allies

Andrew Bourland, founder of ClickZ and a very successful entrepreneur, did a wonderful blog post on how proud he was of his competitors, and how their strategy of offering great information all year round made their expensive conference a very

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The Questionable Ethics of Non-Disclosed Allegiances

By coincidence, I received two pieces of e-mail today that both deal with the question of how much disclosure is appropriate when someone takes up a cause and is quietly paid to do it. First, a ray of hope from

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Connecting the Dots: Ford Earnings Losses, Skilling Sentencing, Democratic Gains in Polls, and Bush's Sunken Ratings

This is the common thread: The American people are totally sick of being lied to, manipulated, and stepped on by powerful interests who care only about a narrow agenda of partisanship and greed. To say it another way, the real issue in the state of America right now is ethics.

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Tellman's Experiment

Tellman Knudson is conducting an experiment in list building and traffic building. He’s asking people to comment on at least one post per day on this one of his blogs, and to link back to each of our comments over

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Krugman: Options Backdating Scandal Hits New Low

But I’d somehow missed the part about at least one company providing backdated stock options to the estate of its decased CEO!

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"The Secret": A Review and a Rant

For maybe a year now, there’s been huge buzz about the movie “The Secret” and its cast of well-known millionaire lifestyle gurus. I saw the trailers many months ago and was frankly blown away by them. They were intensely cinematographic,

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MacDonald Asks Hard Questions of Apple–AND Greenpeace

On his own ethics blog, Chris MacDonald looks at questions raised by Greenpeace about Apple’s commitment to the environment. He brings a journalist’s healthy skepticism to claims on both sides. Fascinating reading. Full disclosures: I have been an Apple user/loyalist

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655,000 Dead Iraqis? Time to End the War NOW!

It is time to demand withdrawal–NOW! With a concerted effort and a firm commitment to rapid withdrawal, the troops could be home in 60 or maybe even 30 days–and we would stop making enemies and inspiring future terrorists. It is long past time to admit that the US/UK Iraq policy is a massive failure, a disaster, and deadly to the lives of the people we are supposedly there to protect.

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