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See You Next Month

I may post again today, but really, I’ve got to pack. Off on a no-Internet vacation through the end of the month. Bye!

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First Charges Brought in Stock Option Scandal

The backdating of stock options is apparently rampant, as I’ve written in the past. You pass a Sarbanes-Oxley and the crooks figure out something new.

Still, I continue to be optimistic, sometimes in spite of much evidence to the contrary, that human beings are basically wired to do the right thing

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Media's Coverage Alters Corporate and Government Ethics Issues

Most important stories these days are broken by the underground press, or by people like Greg Palast who is an American working for British journalism companies that are less afraid to go after the truth.

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Yet Another Way Spammers are Killing the Internet

Yeech! I just signed on to approve one comment and found 65 in my box. 63 were spam and two were legit. I marked them all as spam and hopefully won’t ever see another subject line of “buy Valium.” What

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Is the Big Dig Fatality Related to Corruption?

Here in Massachusetts, the failure of the massive road project in central Boston known as the Big Dig has been front-page news for about a week. A recently-married motorist was killed when a tunnel ceiling collapsed on her car; her

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Waht Really Goes On in the House Appropriations Committee?

Want to learn about corruption and influence-peddling on the House Appropriations Committee–one of the very most powerful committees on the whole of Capitol Hill?

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Robert Ringer: Know How Your Emotions Affect Others' Perception of You

Oh yes, and if you’re the kind of person who gets so caught up in, say, a major sports event that you start throwing things at your TV, he tells you to get a life. (He’d probably say the same about my addiction to politics.)

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If You Like "Democracy Now"

You may also like this site: Easily scannable word and natinal headlines and articles from a progressive-politics viewpoint. h, and if you’re not familiar with Democracy Now, this hard-hitting and highly ethical one-hour news program airs five days a

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With Enron, Justice Delayed Really Was Justice Denied

It doesn’t seem fair–all these years before the trial, Lay and Skilling found guilty…and then, because the verdict was under appeal, Lay’s record is apparently to be cleared (at least in the legal system) just because he happened to drop

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Ann Coulter, Plagiarist?

at least three instances of cribbing in her latest book, “Godless,” and numerous more instances in her columns.

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