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What Happened to Lani Garver

This has nothing to do with business culture, government, or most of the things I usually blog about–but it does have a lot to do with ethics, with the idea of acceptance of difference and with gender identity, angels, terminal

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Why I Don't Send HTML Newsletters

You’ve got to wonder about marketers who send those horrible emails where everything is in 8-point type all jammed on the left side of the page and completely unreadable.

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One More Way the GOP Stole the 04 Election

the GOP around the country systematically sent do-not-forward letters to the home addresses of soldiers stationed overseas who lived in mostly black, mostly Democratic precincts, and then when they came back as undeliverable, challenged these soldiers’ right to vote. Also targeted: residents of homeless shelters.

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Latest Trend in Business Scandal: Backdated Stock Options

Surely it should occur to you that this sort of thing is essentially insider trading coupled with outright fraud.

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UK Writer: Creating a Positive Ethics Culture

When we focus on compliance alone, we are setting the bar too low.

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Deeply Disturbing: Utah Election Official Forced Out for Questioning Voting Machine Accuracy

Something was worked out that if they could terminate me as the election official of Emery County, then they would recertify the machines. And so they changed my locks, effective April 1, and locked me out of my office.

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NYT: Don't Call Our Column "Rubbish"

This is too weird: The New York Times went back and forth with senior General Motors executives about a letter to the editor from a GM vice president, attempting to rebut a highly critical article by Thomas Friedman. The letter

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Will Bush Pardon Lay?

from a commentator who thinks the Bush administration has done a good job on corporate crime

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Coming Soon to an Internet Near You: China-Style Censorship in the US

Our browsers will be sold to the highest bidder, and that will not be the alternative voices.

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Responding to a post by Ed Smith on the Self-Publishing Yahoogroup about whether blogs are worth it: Hi I am considering putting a blog on my website with the objective of increasing visitors to my site. I am aware of

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