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Finally–a Bush Administration Statement I Can Agree With

Gonzales: “I’ve told Department prosecutors to operate with one principle in mind: No one is above the law-not a city councilman, a CEO, or a Member of Congress.”

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It's the Democracy, Stupid! Media Goon Squad Attacks Thomas

Earth to Planet Bill O’Reilly: do you and your “colleagues” need a refresher course in the First Amendment?

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FEMA Still Maintains No-Bid Katrina Contracts

We all thought this was going to change in the fall. That’s when a spate of stories hit the news about the no-bid contracts on Katrina reconstruction…Yet, here we are, six months later. And the government has reneged. Today’s Associated Press wire story shows FEMA’s dismal failure to keep its word.

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Business Ethics Holding Steady: Austin Business Journal

Looking at 16 different ethics scenarios, both the 1985 and 2001 surveys showed “increasingly positive” reactions.

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Why Didn't the Germans Notice Their Own Enron?

Dramatic collapse of a large state-owned bank due to poorly chosen investments in real estate deals that went ahead without the usual scrutiny.

What’s really disturbing is that people knew about this all the way back to 2000. German taxpayers are left holding the bag underneath the rubble of Bankgesellschaft Berlin (BGB). The first trials of the company’s executives began last month.

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Nonprofits Start Paying Attention to Ethics Compliance

This can only be a good thing. Ethics, audit trails, and compliance training have just as much place in the nonprofit sector as they do in for-profit business. So I’m thrilled to see consultants helping nonprofits get their ethics ducks

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Now What? Government Agents Posing as Reporters!

Surely there would have been a way to do this without pretending to be part of the press.

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Ethics Pledge Gets Its Own Site

Since I launched the Business Ethics Pledge movement a year and a half ago, it has been housed on a page of my site: a commercial site designed primarily to encourage sales of my award-winning business ethics book, Principled

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Scandal in Singapore

Just in case you have any illusions that massive business scandals are uniquely American, look at what’s going on in Singapore at the moment. Sometimes I feel like voice crying in the wilderness. But I still believe that more and

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Wal-Mart Feeds Bloggers a Propaganda Diet

Once again, that line between paid PR and actual journalism is getting kind of blurry. This time, the New York Times reports, the culprit is Wal-Mart. At least Wal-Mart does not appear to be paying the bloggers who are spouting

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