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The Costs of Cheney's Heart Condition

Found a very interesting blog examining the issue of Dick Cheney having an ambulance always at the ready: That the nation’s vice president and de-facto leader is so frail and so close to death’s door…should surely have been a major

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Government Secrecy? Yes, But This is Ridiculous

Now they’re reclassifying ancient once-classified documents, many of them with no secrecy value anymore and some of them widely published, The New York Times reports. Among the 50 withdrawn documents that Mr. Aid [a researcher] found in his own files

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Excellent Article on Biz Ethics in China

This article from Maclean’s covers many of the ethics issues involving business and China–not just the current controversy over Chinese censorship of the Internet (and the horrible fact that “Shi Tao, a Chinese journalist recently sentenced to 10 years in

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Another one who "Doesn't Know" His Own History

Two days ago, I wrote about the CEO of Radio Shack, who somehow didn’t notice that he hadn’t actually gotten the college degree he’d been claiming to have. Now, I’ve discovered that New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson (a Democrat, I’ll

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Lying Radio Shack CEO Tries to Duck–Quack, quack

You’d think people would know by now not to lie on their resume. Apparently not, however. Reuters reports that Radio Shack’s CEO, David Edmondson, lied about his degree. Here’s the story as reported in USA Today. Plus he’s had at

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Best Example of Video Marketing I've Seen Yet

Unlike the GoDaddy valentine I wrote about last week, this one was not cheap. But it’s promoting a movie so they probably had a lot of the footage. A set of three trailers for “The Secret.” After seeing the intro

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Even George Will thinks Bush has gone too far with his illegal spying. If the Bush doctrine holds, he writes, future administrations won’t even bother consulting Congress even before going to war: Why would future presidents ask, if the present

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Skilling said "This is the Number" (Enron Exec)

OK, it’s starting: the sworn testimony under oath that tells us what we knew all along. Here it is: Enron’s top executives were directly ordering their cooked books. In this story on the BBC, Convicted executive Ken Rice, who ran

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Free Care in Massachusetts: A Boondoggle?

As a Massachusetts taxpayer, I resent this. The Boston Globe reports that several Boston-area hospitals have wildly overcharged the state on charges for caring for indigent patients. Two among several examples cited: [Cambridge Health Alliance] charged the pool $6,469 for

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NASA's Enemy of Climate Change Reporting Resigns, with False Credentials

George C. Deutsch worked at NASA until yesterday. This was the guy who didn’t want to let reporters talk to NASA scientists who believe that there is in fact a climate change problem–or other science issues that did not follow

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