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How Much Profit is Too Much?

Yesterday, ExxonMobil announced its 2005 profits–the largest of any corporate entity in any year in history. $36.13 billion, of which $23.2 billion was distributed to shareholders (up $8.3 billion over last year’s distribution. The company obviously feels embarrassed by its

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Ken Lay's Trial: It's About Time!

Let’s see…if I’m not mistaken, it is now 2006. If I recall correctly, we are talking about an indictment that was handed down in 2004, for crimes allegedly committed in 2001 and earlier. You’ve got to wonder–would it have taken

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The Ethics of Publishing a Liar's Memoir

I’ve been quietly following the James Frey flap for a couple of weeks now. This is the guy who got Oprah’s endorsement for his “memoir” of addiction, jail time, and so forth (I will not make it easier to locate

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Catching Unethical Photo Manipulation

We’ve all shared a laugh as improbable images cloned together in Photoshop make their way across the Internet. The problem is that image manipulation can be used very unethically–to fudge scientific results, for example A Boston Globe story documents how

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Extraordinary Photos of Cross-Species Communication

A bit off-track for this blog, but this has to be shared: these pictures of elephants, eagles, whales, etc seem so human, and the organizers claim they’re unretouched. Those in southern California may want to seek out the exhibit in

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Yet Anther Reminder: Ethics Scandals Have Victims

This from a financial currency exchange newswire: A corporate scandal involving Livedoor, a Japanese high tech company caused such a big drop in the stock market that trading had to halt on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. People get hurt when

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Are Progressives/Liberals Finally Reclaiming the Values Turf?

I went to a bookstore the other day and noticed two books prominently displayed on the same front table: Our Endangered Values: America’s Moral Crisis, by none other than former President Jimmy Carter, and a Beacon Press anthology, Global Values

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PR and a Mega-author: Susan Harrow Makes Over Malcolm Gladwell

​​​​I have a lot of respect for media coach/PR queen Susan Harrow, author of one of my favorite PR books (Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul) and the go-to person if you want your author on Oprah. I’ve subscribed to

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Nice remark from another copywriter colelague, Mordechai “Morty” Schiler, in his blog: While I’m still grappling with integrating marketing and principles, Shel Horowitz has made a career of balancing the two. I’m hoping his “grappling” will lead him to sign

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Microsoft Bows to Chinese Censors

The New York Times reports that China pressured Microsoft to take down a blog that mentioned a journalist strike at a Chinese paper following the firing of a journalist. The blog was hosted on a server in the U.S. Mr.

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