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Ken Lay a Victim? Only of His Own Greed

Ken Lay has always had chutzpah; now he’s trying to paint himself as a victim. The St. Petersburg Times rightly says that won’t wash: Lay said the villains in the Enron case are federal prosecutors, who have hidden the truth

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The Spying Scandal is the Least of It

​​​​The big dustup over GWB’s admission that he broke the law in having the NSA spy on American citizens has gotten even a lot of prominent Republicans upset. Columnist George Will, about as conservative as they come, called it a

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New York Times Complicity in Bush Spy Scandal

To me, the most scandalous part of this latest Bush administration scandal–that GWB personally authorized and oversaw illegal spying on American citizens–is not event he spying itself, though that’s certainly bad enough (and one more reason why these dangerous and

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More Payola in the News Biz

I suppose we should be grateful: this time, it’s not the government who’s paying pundits being. Still, it is disturbing to find out from both Business Week and the NY Times’ Paul Krugman that Tom DeLay’s good friend Jack Abramoff

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Two Stories of Corporate Compensation: One to a Bad CEO, One to the Workers

Call me old-fashioned, but when I read stuff like this quote from Business Week’s Talk Show column (November 14, 2005) After the Securities & Exchange Commission launched a probe of accounting irregularities at Dollar General, Cal Turner Jr. in 2002

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Moyers: The Lies of Tonkin vs. The Lies of Iraq, and What's Up with PBS

Another must-read speech by Bill Moyers, one journalist who is not afraid to tell the truth and doesn’t try to hide it under “nice.” Moyers notes that, like the run-up to Iraq, intelligence leading to the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

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One Good Bit of News from the Tyco Debacle

The State of New Hampshire gets a $5 million settlement from Tyco–and it’s using it to start a business ethics education program. The program will be administered by Myron Kandel, who has many connections in media (especially CNN, which he

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The Good and the Bad of Google, Corporate Citizen

If I’m a tad schizophrenic in my feelings toward search engine giant Google, it’s because the company sometimes seems like a many-headed hydra whose various heads have no clue what the others are up to. On the positive side: Google

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Why Journalists Have Forgotten How to Report News

Judith Trotsky wrote: For examples, I would urge you to tune in on the PBS Newshour. They have top figures from all over the world giving facts, providing their own points of view. This is reporting BOTH sides of any

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Four Reasons Why Nuclear Power is a Terrible Way to Generate Energy

Nuclear power plants cause great risk, and the industry actually uses more power than it produces. Read on: My first exposure to the nuclear industry was in 1972 when Con Edison proposed to build a nuke 2 miles north of

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