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Cunningham: "I broke the law, concealed my conduct, and disgraced my office"

That’s what 8-term Republican Congressman Randy Cunningham said in his resignation speech, after pleading guilty to taking $2.4 million in bribes. Oh yes, and then talk about chutzpah, listen to this: The tax evasion charge came after Cunningham reported joint

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Trendwatching and Marketing, Part II

3. New Business Ideas are EverywhereIt seems there’s no shortage of unfilled needs that could become the core of wildly successful businesses. Here are a few I noticed: Ralph Stevens turns 100 (See #4, below). (Photo by Alana Horowitz Friedman)

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Trendwatching and Marketing, Part I

Just back from several days in Minneapolis, and I had my trend-spotting radar up. Some observations: 1. The airline industry continues to shift. We flew ATA and Southwest, and it was illuminating to contrast them. Southwest still very much encourages

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Katherine Harris on Integrity–Give me a Break!

This week, I received a fund appeal on behalf of none other than Katherine Harris. Remember Harris? She was the highly partisan Florida Secretary of State whose conduct of the 2000 election and counting cast a cloud of illegitimacy over

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CEO Pay and Disclosure: Good Target for Reformers

Something most of the corporate scandals have in common over the past few years: those with their hands in the cookie jar already were receiving compensation that most of us would consider wildly excessive. For a number of years, some

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Well, Duh! White House Finally Discovers Ethics Training

Talk about too little, too late! In the throes of a popularity plunge, GW Bush decides to have Harriet Miers conduct ethics trainings for key staff. So reports the Washington Post. This is the most scandal-ridden administration since maybe Warren

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