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Oil Company Profiteering on Human Misery

Let me get this straight right at the beginning: I believe in capitalism. In fact, I write books teaching people how to be better and more successful/ethical capitalists, like my award-winning most recent book, Principled Profit: Marketing That Puts People

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Is it 1984 in the St Paul Pioneer Press Newsroom?

Paul Demko writes in the Twin Cites alternative paper, City Pages, about one Tim Mahoney, a part-time copy editor who attended the big September peace rally in Washington with other members of his church. Mahoney got a stern talking-to, a

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A Victory for People's Democracy in Hadley, MA

I just got back from the twice-a-year Town Meeting in my small farm town of Hadley, MA, USA. Town Meeting is a New England tradition where the citizenry engages in direct democracy. Any registered voter can show up speak about

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How the NY Times Deals with Scandal Like the Catholic Church

William Powers of the National Journal says the Judith Miller caper, and the Times’ earlier handling of Jayson Blair’s distortions of the truth, show the responses of a self-protective power structure much like the Church’s response to the priest-abuse scandals.

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Pakistani Earthquake Toll Rooted in Human Corruption

Sigh. Why is it that so often after there’s a natural disaster, if you dig deeply into the cause of the death toll, you find humans taking unconscionable shortcuts in construction…and other humans in charge of safety oversight looking the

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Judith Miller Continues to be an Embarrassment

I finally got around to reading Judith Miller’s account of her Grand Jury testimony, as published in the New York Times three days ago. When I was growing up, the Times was “the paper of record.” But in the decade

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Bioneers: The Future Starts Today

I spent this past weekend at an amazing and energizing conference: Bioneers By the Bay, in Dartmouth, MA. This was one of 17 Bioneers conferences held on the same weekend around the US, plus the “main event” in San Rafael,

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75% of Executives Have Experienced Fraud!?!

Sometimes it seems those of us who care about ethics are fighting a losing battle. My colleague, Chris Bauer, reports on some shocking findings in a survey conducted by the well-known accounting firm KPMG: Of 459 executives at US companies

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