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Berman: The Hammer Gets Hit

Please read this article by Ari Berman about the ethics troubles of Tom DeLay and Bill Frist, and the general Bush administration climate of corruption and brute force. All I can say is, “I agree.” Same author earlier put together

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The Fox Gives Lessons at the Chicken Coop

I’m reminded of the old Doonsebury book title, “But The Pension Fund Was Just Sitting There!” The above link is a Toronto Globe & Mail article about convicted embezzler Paul Coffin, who stole $1.55 million from the Canadian government. Somehow,

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US Senate: Now the Fox is *Building* the Henhouse! Hoo, boy! They just really think the public is asleep at the switch! The above editorial castigates the Senate for sneaking a provision into a transportation bill that would allow incumbent senators to raise: …An incumbent’s donation to the

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The Human Cost of Corruption

As Dennis Kozlowski, former Tyco CEO, heads off to a well-deserved extended “rest” in the slammer, and news reports show that a billion dollars was stolen from the Iraqi people in the form of crooked contracts, it’s time to remind

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FEMA's Gulag and Administration Opportunism special/10contracts.html These three articles together paint a deeply disturbing picture. I see a very chilling future, in which the poor are shipped off to gulags, the tattered remains of the once-vaunted safety net go up in smoke,

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Action Proposal: Rebuild New Orleans (Elsewhere) as a Model City

Like everyone else, I am horrified by the devastation in New Orleans and Mississippi and along the Gulf Coast. Frugal, I would point out, does not mean stingy. I made a generous donation to the Red Cross and notified someone

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