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Did Donald Rumsfeld Push Through an Unsafe Food Additive? Here we go again: the interplay of ethics scandals in the corporate and government worlds. While I take this source with a grain of salt, I see no reason to doubt the allegations that a drug company pushed through

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Diversity in the Media–Still a Long Way to Go Eric Deggans of the St. Petersburg Times (who happens to be black) wrote this thought-provoking article about the dearth of people of color in positions of high visibility within the news industry, and how that plays out. Among other

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Independent Publisher Combines Progressive Politics, Commercial Success

At Book Expo America, I interviewed Alice Blackmer, Publicity Director, Chelsea Green, which enjoyed runaway success with George Lakoff’s book, Don’t Think of an Elephant. How the book came about: “Jennifer Nix was in California and got the word that

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Disturbing News on Sustainability

World Business Council for Sustainable Development just released the highlights of its 2005 global sustainability study. And what jumped out to me is the sharp decline in ratings for Scandinavia, the European Union, the US, and Canada for successful management

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