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PR Can't "Greenwash" Nuclear Power–It's Still a Dirty Business

Nuclear power is a dirty and dangerous way to generate electricity, and no amount of PR-industry hype is going to change that. But they’re sure trying! Back in 1974–31 years ago–as a student at Antioch College, I had a

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Hey, ExxonMobil–Need an Ethics Lesson?

Weekly Spin reports that ExxonMobil has hired Philip A. Cooney, who resigned as White House Council on Environmental Quality chief of staff after we found he was editing government scientists’ reports to deflate warnings about global warming. Meanwhile, White House

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What do Michael Jackson and Arthur Andersen Have in Common?

On the surface, a flamboyant pop star has little to do with an accounting firm: the epitome of corporate conservatism. But the accounting firm we’re talking about is Arthur Andersen, and the way its auditors let Enron’s top execs bring

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Blandness from the Biggies, Innovative Indies: Book-Industry Trends at BEA 2005

Tsunami Publishing’s Bob Bellin is a small publisher who thinks big. “We take abandoned brands, former bestsellers that we can bring back to bestsellers through aggressive and offbeat marketing and promotion.” New York Times bestseller Steve Alten feels Bellin is

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PR, Nixon's nemesis, and the Latest from Washington

An interesting week in the news, for sure. This from Jack O’Dwyer’s PR-industry newsletter, which I hadn’t seen before but picked up at a PRSA event in New York. (I’m actually writing this from New York, in fact–where Book Expo

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