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Report from the National Conference on Media Reform I’ve put up six different articles at the above link, covering the National Conference on Media Reform, held in St. Louis May 13-15, 2005. 2500 people attended this event, to hear from celebrity media personalities like Al Franken, Bill

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More on the Newsweek Retraction Story

Turns out this story has actually been around at least 14 months, not just since August, and certainly not just since the Newsweek story. Britain’s Observer had the story, in gruesome detail, on March 14, 2004, following the release from

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Newsweek's "Crime" Isn't the Real Story–It's the Return of Big Brother

The real scandal of the Newsweek incident isn’t that the magazine issued a retraction. It’s the incredible pressure brought to bear by the White House and the Pentagon to stifle dissent and cover up problems. Big problems. And it’s the

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Vioxx, Ethics, and Sales Here’s yet another case of a company pushing product it knew wasn’t safe. Now we learn that Merck actually stepped up its marketing of Vioxx once it was known that the product was linked with increased risk of heart

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Mystery of the Democrats' New Spine This author gives the credit for the Dems’ sudden discovery of backbone (over Social Security, Terry Shiavo, and even some of Bush’s particularly over-the-edge nominations) to independent media, and particularly liberal AM talk radio, e.g., Al Franken. Well, I

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