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Challenges for Business Journalists in an Ethically Challenged World A fascinating and wide-ranging article from Investors Business Daily that looks at… * Journalism’s own ethics skeletons: made-up stories, fabricated quotes, bad judgment, inflated circulation figures, and a general credibility gap * The lack of training for business journalists

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Backbone Wins Again: House Ethics Committee Avoids Evisceration

I’ve long held that politicians, like business owners, do better when they remember their backbone. On March 12, I blogged about the Democrats’ refusal to go along with new House Ethics rules that seemed to be designed specifically to protect

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Marketing Lessons from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

I was off on a road trip last week, and one of my stops was the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, in downtown Cleveland. I’m used to marketing products, services, and ideas. The Hall of Fame markets an entire

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10 Resolutions For a More Ethical, Profitable, and Successful Business

In this age of business scandals, it’s crucial to remember that businesses based on ethics and quality actually work better. With that in mind, here are ten easy and ethical resolutions to inspire your business to achieve a very profitable

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Copywriting Split Testing, Rathergate, and the Bush Draft Scandal

As a copywriter, I’m always looking to better my skill set—so I read a whole lot of copywriting newsletters and books. One of them is Ivan Levison’s “Levison Letter.” Ivan’s latest issue expressed surprise at the results of an A/B

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The Secret Weapon that Got the Ethics Pledge Into the NY Times (you may need to register) Not that big a secret, actually: the letters column. Though the Times is notoriously fussy. With other newspapers, I have, typically, about a 90 percent success rate. With the Times, I’ve probably sent well

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