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Google Joins the Let-Me-Hijack-Your-Webpage Crowd “When Web surfers install the [Google] toolbar…and click the AutoLink button, Web pages with street addresses suddenly sprout links to Google’s map service by default. Book publishers’ ISBN numbers trigger links to… Vehicle ID licenses spawn links to

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A Few of my Favorite Marketing Books

A newsletter editor asked for favorite business books. And having created the list for him, I decided to share it with you. Listing my own two most recent books first is not a matter of ego; I actually do believe

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Booz Allen: Ethics is Good for the Bottom Line

When Business Ethics magazine shows that socially responsible investments perform better, the world might say, well, of course *you* would say that! But now, a study from well-rated mainstream consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton, in partnership with the Aspen Institute:

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Fascinating article on multiracialism in TV ads I’m old enough to remember when TV ads were nearly entirely populated with white people. Now, according to this longish Associated Press story, TV is where many Americans actually “meet” people of different colors and ethnicities. Now, according tot

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How the Business Ethics Pledge is Growing My Own Business

Last summer, I launched an international grassroots campaign to prevent future Enron scandals by creating a mass movement toward ethical business practices. My goal: 25,000 business leaders signing an ethics pledge, and each agreeing to contact at least 100 others.

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