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Seasonal Stories and PR

As I write this, it’s somewhere around 4 degrees Fahrenheit. We got another several inches of snow yesterday, more predicted in the future. Usually we have either bitter cold or snow; this month, we’ve had both plus biting winds. But

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Wall St Journal: Blogs, Journos & Ethics,,SB110626272888531958,00.html?mod=todays%5Ffree%5Ffeature Yup–blogging’s getting mainstream. This fascinating Wall Street Journal article looks at the role of blogging in getting stories on the radar, and bloggers’ shifting self-perceptions into the world of journalism. Blogging has played a role in discovering–and covering such

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The thrill of the foreign: Principled Profit published in India

In some ways, it’s an even bigger thrill to open a package and find copies of your book from another country than to get the finished books from the printer in the first place. It’s happened to me twice: several

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When a Lobbyist "Forgets" to Disclose an Advocacy Relationship

In an op-ed by Andrew Rotherham called “No Pundit Left Behind,” The New York Times called it “a stunningly inefficient use of public dollars – every bit as redundant as paying football fans to watch the Super Bowl.” The nation’s

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Is Business Ethics the Hot Topic for 2005? I Think I See A Trend

* [1] Of 1,889,000 hits on Google for “business ethics” or “ethical business,” 1,189,000–62.9 percent–are on pages updated within the past three months. * [2] A survey of S&P 500 companies, published Wednesday in Lohas Journal, found a 150 percent

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