Profit From the Hyperexpanding Green Market—Just Like Companies as Diverse as Ben & Jerry’s, Walmart, Patagonia, Marks & Spencer, and Toyota—Or Watch Your Business Crumble if you Fail to Act

In sector after sector, green businesses outperform the competition. Two examples: during the recent recession, conventional building shrank 17 percent—but green construction skyrocketed 1700 percent. Organic food leapt ahead 238 percent in the same period.*

Increasingly, the market is demanding that the companies we buy from take sustainability seriously. Those companies still stuck in the old, non-green ways—or those unable to turn their green initiatives into marketing advantages—could face extinction if they don’t turn it around, as both customers and employees desert them for companies that have gone green. 67 percent of consumers say they want to consider environmental criteria in their buying decisions,** and 71 percent of employees say that a CEO’s environmental activity influences their desire to work for that company.***

Big companies realize this—and are profiting handsomely. Even a company as bottom-line obsessed as Walmart has singlehandedly doubled the market for organic food—by selling billions of dollars worth of it to people who, for the most part, never shop at Whole Foods.

In other words, this fast-growing market is far too big to ignore. More than ever, consumers demand environmental consciousness from the companies they patronize. You ignore this at your peril; you embrace it to your profit.

Can your company withstand the earthquake of this drastically altered business environment—or is it built on a sand “foundation” of principles that may never have been true, and certainly aren’t true now.

Going green doesn’t have to be scary, difficult, or costly—and you don’t have to do it all at once. Going green—and marketing green—can mean lower costs, higher revenues, and greater customer AND employee loyalty.

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Green And Profitable's Shel Horowitz was named on of the top 25 Technology Bloggers

Green And Profitable’s Shel Horowitz was named on of the top 25 Technology Bloggers

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Click here to find out more about how Ben & Jerry’s, Walmart, Patagonia, Marks & Spencer, and Toyota have gone green.

* Source for both the building industry and food industry statistics: “The Big Green Opportunity,” report published by Green America, August 2013

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